Basic OSR Dungeon Procedure


Dungeon Crawl Procedure


  1. Marching Order
    1. Marching Leader
    2. Scouts
    3. Mapper/Caller
  2. Dungeon Turn–10 Minutes of Activity
    1. Movement: Your full movement rate or less.
    2. Rest and Recuperation: Heal 1d3 HP and eat meals.
    3. Search 10*10 ft. Area for:
      1. Secret Features
      2. Secret Doors
      3. Hidden Traps and Hazards
      4. Hidden Treasure
    4. Secure 10*10 ft. Area or Portal: Make an area or portal safe with use of own equipment or items found in said area.
  3. Forced Rest
    1. After every five turns, party must rest or incur -1 penalty on all rolls
    2. Penalty is accumulative
  4. Wandering Monsters
    1. After every two turns
    2. 1 in 6 chance of encounter, +1 for every sensory giveaway (i.e. footprints, noise, strong smell of/or fragrant food, and etc.)

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