Alpha 408c Playtest 1.5

I haven;t actually yet decided just what or who these Ogres are. Would I make them the second sentient race to occupy this world? But first, let’s ask some World Building questions to confirm some ideas I have in my head.

Me Is the [Human] race native to Mauba’na’?
Me IS the [Nonhuman] race native to Mauba’na’?
ORACLE Yes, but, with complications. A piece of gear has failed to work for either the hero or an NPC.
Me Interest. Was this [Nonhuman] race once human?
Me I’m going to interpret this as a race that had once been something else, but changed due to the failure of used artifact. What was the nature of this failure?
ORACLE Treachery because of History and Duty then Coins.
Me Interesting. What is the nature of their relationship with the World Creator?
ORACLE Despair then Guilt. Innocence and Fear then Courage.
Me What is the nature of the relationship between the native [Human] race and with the world creator?
ORACLE Honor. Pride. Blindness and Seizure and Poison.
Me Did the World Creator also create the races?
Me Oh wow, that is a very interesting turn of events. Ok. Did the World Creator have anything to do with the Artifact?
ORACLE No, but a fact the hero thinks they know is actually wrong.
Me Oh wow, which means the Artifact and its use and consequent failure remains a mystery. Ok. Well, this settles it. The Ogres are the [Nonhuman] race of Mauba’na’.

That said, some ideas I’d like for an [Ogre] race:

  • A monstrous looking race. They have spines for hair.
  • An enourmous race. They have six arms.
  • An insectile race. Explains the six arms. Vestigial wings as secondary set of arms; used to hold equipment. Smaller, more dextrous tertiary arms beneath the primary ones, serve as communicative aids and fine-tool using arms. Tertiatry arms can’t hold weapons, Secondary arms can’t use weapons. Also, they grow carapace instead of skin, an exoskeleton instead of a skeleton. Still, the appearance is tempered somewhat with more homonid features. Almost like a six armed giant wearing powerarmor.
  • An Arthurian Ogrish race, they are bearded and extremely magical.
  • Carapace Color Spectrum: Red, Orange, Yellow. Red is Boss. Orange is Mage or Elite. Yellow is Minion. Some of it is dazzling, most of it is dull and basic.
  • Ogre; No. Appear: 1d6 (2d6); Armor Class: 5; Attacks: 1 fist +4 or 1 weapon +4; Damage: 1d6 or by weapon; Move: 30’; Morale: 9; Hit Dice: 4; Skill Bonus: +2 Treasure: H3 (H4)

That’s enough for now. Next entry, we progress the plot.


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