Technological Aspect Generator Alpha 1.5

Just a little something to generate classes.

Flexible tag allows multi-classing
This is a Fantasy Class System Generator
TAG Type Purpose TAG
Base Your most significant determinator of abilities Race, Tool, Magic, Skills, Profession, Archetype
Treatment How it translates mechanically as Class, and Class, is Class
System How it behaves mechanically as a Class System Absolute Might and Magic Classes, Flexible Might and Magic Classes, Flexible Holy Trinity Classes, Absolute Holy Trinity Classes, Flexible Holy Trinity+1 Classes, Absolute Holy Trinity+1 Classes, One-Class, Job-Class
Mechanics How the system operates
Pick five tags
Defensive Subclassing, Offensive Subclassing, Support Subclassing, Utility Subclassing, Control Subclassing, Niche Protection, HP: Flesh and Grit Points, HP: Meat Points, HP: Plot Armor, Tiered Abilities, Leveled Classes, Gold XP, Kill XP, Skill XP, Ascending AC, Descending AC, AC: Damage Reduction, AC: Damage Rejection, Skill Sets, Traits and Abilities, Skill Trees, Proficiencies
Spectrum The spectrum of traits and abilities these classes are expected to abide by. [Splat] vs. [Splat]; [Splat] vs. [Splat]; All Access [Splat]
Splats: Offensive, Defensive, Support, Control, Utility, Gimmick
Usage How widespread is its use Adventurers Only, Social-Class Only, Birthright Only, Everyone is Classed
Fluff How is it fluffed? High Fantasy, Low Fantasy, Historical Fantasy, Modern Fantasy, Techno-Fantasy

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