Alpha 408c Playtest 1.4

Me Did my laborer get out?
Me Oracle, do they capture us alive?
Me Why did they capture us alive?
Me Could you elaborate on that, I’m afraid to ask.
ORACLE Rot because of Pride but Duty.
Me A bit more detail please.
ORACLE History: Wealth.
Me Oh, okay, I think yeah. That gives me something to work with, thanks.

No, my laborer did not make it out. They took most of my equipment, actually, all of it, leaving me only my clothes and my pride. Their purpose? To shame me, to leave me to rot in their dungeon. To swell their pride, but duty demands they keep me alive. The history that exists between this Ogre race and that of my own, a human, involves a great deal of wealth. At least that’s what I could gather from their arguing and jostling. A few did want to eat me. But the boss, the Boss Ogre wanted ransom. Wanted debts paid.

I think this would be a great time to elaborate on the peoples of this setting; and I think I’ve established enough facts, now, to help me shape the world.

Me Did they eat my laborer?
Me Why?
ORACLE Naiveté because of Rapacity; Loyalty. Foolishness but Longing because of Honor.
Me Ooh, that makes for a great dynamic among the Ogres. The young ones are rapacious, and the Boss Ogre hands them the human meat to repay their loyalty. This is foolishness, no doubt, and may cause war with the humans, but honor dictates he satisfy their longing for human flesh. Oh, it has been so long since the Ogres have tasted human flesh.
0R.1.Zen Wouldn’t you like to know about the laborer you let them eat?
Me Not particularly, no.
0R.1.Zen Then let me tell you, my treat.
Me Unless it’s a way out of this shit, I’m not particularly interested.
0R.1.Zen Oh, but I insist. Here, feast of facts now established, of a man now dead.

They wished to ransom me, but I knew none would follow. I chose Outsider for a trait, pooled all two of my traits, because I believed it would make for a great cheat. I was wrong, of course. I don’t know how to use it, to be honest, because I haven’t defined the fucking trait yet.

Hence, I have very little time in my favor. Best I plan accordingly. Take stock of my prison, take stock of this academy, and take stock of the area around it. The more facts I establish, the bigger the world I create, the more I collect in certainty.

I think that makes for a great non-cheat mechanic for playing solo. Certainty of a quesiton being directly proportional to the number of facts you’ve established. Hmm…very interesting.

Me Oracle, did they post guards? I believe they would.
Me How many?
ORACLE Kinship. Confusion and Stupidity.
Me I’ll interpret that as a skeleton crew of relatives. It’s been a long time since anyone actually been locked up in their dungeon, and they’re not sure how to go about it. The Ogres end up bullying their younger relatives into doing shifts.
Okay, I try and talk to one of the guards. I get zero bonus from my charisma. Obviously, these assholes are unfriendly.
ORACLE Qualified Consent: Innocence.
Me Great, we start talking. I start asking about general things.
ORACLE Ignorance. Inheritance.
Me Fuckin’ A. Shitbreath has shit for brains. I ask some more general questions about the academy and the surrounding area.
ORACLE Skillfulness then Illegality then Truth.
Me Man, well, that’s enough for now. Time to do some interpretations.

Since I did manage to get this guy to open up, that should allow me enough leeway to establish some more facts, specifically, about this place and about the Ogres in general.

The Demon-ruled academy belongs to what nation?
The Nation of Uo was first established as an excavation site. After centuries of projecting its influence and power, all while acquiring territory from its neighbors, it became a NEAR-FUTURE MARCH. Led by a trusted and respected citizen at the head of what is ostensibly a powerful TYRANNY, this valley nation survives on easy access to metal, infrastructure, and hard labor but needs trade to acquire fauna, wealth, and flora.
The look and feel of this nation is a mix of Arthurian mythological themes mixed with Aztec cultural materialism and aesthetic.
A RESIGNED people, they lack ambition or hope, and endure their present difficulties with stoic patience while OPPRESSION strangles society. FREEDOM OF CONSCIENCE does not exist; all are expected to subscribe to the religious beliefs of the dominant group even if the freedom was once held. Although said freedom is blamed for some great disaster. More than a few rulers and officials secretly sympathize with the malcontents.

Hmm, that’s enough for now. I’ll do some more interpretations later.


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