Alpha 408c Playtest 1.3

I’ve done some relearning and finally took a look at the Red Sorcery section for Scarlet Heroes. I’m not in the mood for planning my character thoroughly, so I randomly chose my spells. They are

  • The Least Alchemy of Forms
  • Lens of the Enlightened Scribe
  • Calling Forth the Spirit Slave
  • Seven Small Thunders

And again, randomly deciding the spell for the day: Calling Forth the Spirit Slave. Now, let’s regard our combatants. There’s me, then there’s the boss, his Elites, his Minions.

All in all, that’s 14 hit dice; 7 hit dice for the boss and 7 for the Minions and Elites. Well, I can’t help but feel outnumbered. So, being that I have the initiative by default, let’s do this. I cast Calling Forth the Spirit Slave. Then, I say, “Peasant, away. Out the front door!” To the Spirit Slave, I say, “Spirit Slave, slow them down mischievously!”

Me Oracle, does my ploy work?
Me Shit

Round ends, and inevitably, they make short work of the Spirit Slave. I really don’t think I can survive this one. Rolling out the battle seems moot, now that I think of it. That said, I’ll end this session here for now.


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