Alpha 408c Playtest 1.2

Demon-ruled School
6 zones each with 20 locations

Demons, I figure, of a threat level way above my character’s own. This may very well be a suicide mission. The fluff may explain it away, but then again, my character’s an Outsider. Premise is that my character is an otherwordly visitor made manifest; it comes with advantages but only within the context of what the game might allow. He’s still just a first level Magic-User.

First things first, I’d imagine it to be an academy for the raising of Ogres. Hence, for this world, I’d imagine Ogres to be am intelligent demonic race capable of harnessing the complexities of magic. But, keep in mind, in this world magic comes at a terrible price. I’ll have to keep that in mind.

So, onward.

First Room
You enter the Lecture Hall. It is guarded by a Boss with T+3 hit dice and 3+T hit dice worth of Minions and Elites. You find a dangerous intruder or beast who had entered the site. You find a path making for a more compact dungeon.

Oh, shit. This may turn out to be a much shorter adventure than I expected. I should have turned back, considering the threat level, but it’s just a game and I’ve really haven’t invested much emotionally in my character anyway. Still, I feel some questions for the oracle are in order.

Me Oracle, I believe the Ogres are fighting off an intruder. I’m not going to mince the likelihood of it with you but I feel I must ask. Had my character just happened upon a fight between two forces?
Me Oh, shit, well. Did they just kill the thing?
Me Fuck. Are they friends?
Me Then what the actual fuck?
ORACLE Habit but Fury because of Broken object because of Dominance.
Me Well, that’s needlessly complicateded, but thank you nonetheless. If I were to attack, will the beast fight me as well?
Me Good to know.

Alright, time to roll for surpise. I don’t want to fight these assholes right now, so let’s see if I could stretch this session a bit before dying. So, let’s do a stealth check. I believe being an Adventurer is an applicable bonus, so that’s a 2d8+1 roll as against a DC of 11+T with T being the threat level for this dungeon.

Stealth Check
DC 15
2d8+1 6

Shit. The fuckers see me. Time for battle, I guess.

Edit: And oh, yeah I forgot. I brought an unskilled laborer along to lug my shit. I’ll have my Companion A.I. play him.


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