Alpha 408c Playtest 1.1

World Seed 4ur9i10816o1031wri6
Origin [Demon Craftsmanship][Demon Marquis Cimeries]
Shape [Raw][Freakish][Chaotic]
[The Age of Stars]
[Cosmic Scream][An Old God Dead][A Dark Lord Risen][Great Disaster][A Hero Born][A Hero Born][Great War][Revolution][A Hero Born][A New God Born]
Pantheon The gods are petty, meddling and powerful, but to some extent keeping each other in check.
Magic Magic is a known and accepted force, but requires enormous sacrifices and often brutal rituals.
Peoples [Human] [Nonhuman] [Seperate but Equal]
Conflict Water is excessively abundant. Flora, Food, Wealth, and Metal are scarce.

This is the first world I seeded with the generator I put together. Incomplete at best, it offers enough great ideas to be useful.

Taken together, the TAGs I see for the shape of the world imply only one thing to me for now, a Primordial Earth. Earth’s primordial environment was said to be composed mostly of methane, hydrogen, and ammonia as gases making for a very thin atmosphere. With hydrogen as its base, I’d imagine this world to smell of piss, shit, and air too thin to refresh completely. I’d imagine the [Human] races found here have evolved to accommodate the environment.

And for air so thin as to almost have no atmosphere at all, there is very little protecting the world’s surface from extraterrestrial energies. This should help explain how magic is very powerful, but comes at a steep price. Also, having thin atmosphere, to me, also means having to thin a fabric between this mortal coil and the other world. Meddling by Gods, then, takes on a much more direct and taken for granted nature as opposed to what I’m normally used to.

Hence, so far, poison air, thin atmosphere, and an ill protected material coil makes for a blasted landscape filled with opposite energies at a constant war with each other. Chaos ensues and implies a lack of consistency and dependability on the habits of nature. Hell, I should dare say there are no habits; to have a world this raw, this freakish, and this chaotic, I would assume most natural patterns such as seasons, day & night cycles, and weather just do not exist. Everything is at the whim of the most powerful entity at a locality in any given moment.

Tectonic plates shift and slide more often than not, and sudden enough to be noticeable. This means frequent and terrible earthquakes and tsunamis, as well as the freak weather phenomena that follow after such disasters.

And this is just the physical interpretation of it. I haven’t even begun to integrate the Demon Craftsmanship TAGs; would need to do some more research on the chosen Demon to have created this place.

Now, onto the game itself! The rest of the TAGs I haven’t discussed yet, I’ll treat of later.

Enter Oscar Osgarling, of an Old Saxon lineage because I haven’t yet completed coding the FCCs for this. And oh, FCCs are Familiar Cultural Conventions. Thier intent is not to add flavor but to add familiarity, allowing the audience to expect certain things as opposed to losing themselves on the plot.

So, taking a look at my characters sheet, I find this:


Edit: Instead of recreating my random starting equipment tables, I’ve decided peruse the equipment tables. The math was much simpler than I thought, so I managed it. Scarlet Heroes is turning out to be a very merciful system.
Osgar Osgarling
STR 7 -1 Magic-User 1
DEX 12 0 XP 0
CON 8 -1 HP 4/4
INT 16 +2 AC 9
WIS 13 +1 AB +1
CHA 12 0 FD d4
Traits & Abilities
Adventuring Mage I
Outsider II
Body Common Clothes
Weapons Yes 5 Daggers
Backpack Yes 2 Bamboo Poles 10′
1 Spell Book
20 Flasks of Oil
1 Lantern
1 Local Map
5 Hempen Rope 50′
1 Camp Gear
10 Rations
CP 0
SP 0
GP 11
EP 0
PP 0
Magic Items

Let it be known that I used a strict set of 3f6 rolls for my ability scores and the rest of the character I generated randomly as well. The only deliberate additions I’ve made are the Traits and the Equipment. For the traits, the idea behin an Adventuring Mage is a mage whose learned the basic necessities of adventuring and survival; while an Outside is a thing not of this world. In my case, this is metaphysically true. Osgar, myself, isn’t from this world. Osgar is an instrument, a game developer’s manifestation in madness of his own design.

At least, that’s the premise I’m going for. I’m playing an indie game developer playtesting his game. And oh, wait, yes, I have no spells yet. I’ll look into it as soon as I start the dungeon. Speaking of which, I’m going to start with a dungeon because I feel that it’s simpler than either wilderness or ubran adventures, and that a dungeon would allow me to jump right in the midst of things.

To the dungeon!


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