Alpha 408c Playtest 1.0

Dull shades of orange and gold shimmered electric in an infinite expanse. On this canvas, black haze demarcated the colors and made simple geometries of them, making hexagons, triangles, and circles. But their pixels broke and repaired in an endless cycle of fractals birthing fractals, an empty space without context or texture to capture it. To make it certain, intelligible, substantial.

And yet he walked on solid steps against this dizzying array of data waiting for command and cohesion.

This kaleidoscope, unchecked in its turning and swirling, failed to disorient. Save didn’t just get used to it. He created it.

[DevLog Alpha 408c, AD 2XXX] I’ve just completed contextual procedural generation, which basically means the world creates itself for so long as the player interacts with it. For now, I’ve decided to limit rendering within a thirty mile range of the player. Beyond that, explored areas are compressed into discrete packets until the player returns to said area. To streamline and avoid any breaks in immersion, player hubs and economic hubs will remain unpacked throughout every play session, as well as the most used wilderness routes between them.

[Cont.] On this test, I’ll be checking how well it works and behaves from varied points of entry as well as spawning. I’ve already set the difficulty to solo and will begin this playthrough with a dungeon. I haven’t really done much work on character creation interface yet, so I’ll just be spawning in by virtue of the Random Number Gods. I haven’t yet exactly squared everything away, but by the end of the day I hope I’ll have it all figured out by then. Fingers crossed.

Summoning a development console to his field of vision, Save browsed through the command lines until he found the one he wanted. <#worldgen>, said the label, and this he activated.

In a matter of nanoseconds, gone went the psychedelic emptiness. The thrashing of a million pixels came upon him and drowned him in a rush of rippling light. Blinded by the brightness, he closed his eyes and allowed his consciousness to float. Eventually, the torrent calmed to a gentle sway of the current, and the light softened to a warm glow.

When next he came to, Save no longer existed.


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