Maybe I could turn this into a fully threshed out short story some day but for now I’ll just paste it here cos I’d rather not have it around with me for the rest of the day.

Last Night’s Dream: We were the only two people left on Earth, me and my bestfriend. It was us against a radioactive wasteland and me and my brother from another mother were tight. When we finally had a chance to get off the planet, he wouldn’t go without me. The space people thought I was useless and didn’t want me.

But then he got killed, his own stray ricochet off a rock while hunting down mutant pork. I watched him die, buried him, took his gun and pack, and went on home with my eyes stuck on moss and dirt most of the way. The space people had already left by then when I got to our hole in the cliff wall. Packed my guns, bundled the jerky, and just started walking.

Everyone I met from then on was a ghost trapped in that moment when the world died and they couldn’t run away. I met an Indian middle-schooler, a bespectacled kid answering a test, and watched an all-boys school show choir do the last routine of their lives. And I kept on walking all over until it was over.

I was alive, but I still felt like a ghost.


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