8 Things Entitled Dudes Do On The Subway

Before anyone freaks out about the title of this article, let me say that I absolutely know that being an entitled jerk on the NYC subway is not only the territory of dudes. I have seen other people being douchebags on subway, too. Lots of them. But if I had to do a quick tabulation in my head, I’d say the odds are at least ten to one (and that’s extremely generous) that if I see someone engaging in any of the behaviors listed below… it is a male-identified, male-bodied individual. I’ve lived here, on and off, for over ten years now, and this ratio has stayed pretty much a constant.

I also want to point out, lest I appear to despise all dudes, that the vast majority of men do not do things that make me want to gouge somebody’s eyes out with sporks on the public transit system…

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