My Night With Black Nazis: How the NYPD Inspired Hitler Veneration In The Hood

This is interesting.

One of the things I like about myself is my flexibility. I can hang out with anyone, from anywhere that is into almost anything because I tend to see the beauty, truth and madness in all life experiences. So, like the Cheshire Cat, I generally float about carefree in Wonderland smiling broadly at all the manifestations of Alice as rich, poor, this race, that point of view etc. and I believe that it’s because of my attitude that people often feel comfortable recounting their journey and trust me with their secrets. In the winter of 2004, that is exactly what happened-Again.

I was at a party at The Five Spot in Brooklyn where my boyfriend was DJing when I suddenly got an undead-level craving for shrimp fried rice. There was a Chinese restaurant not too far from the lounge so I decided to venture out into the arctic cold to…

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