Manifesto of the Castrated

I’ve never read anyone admit defeat so easily and so completely before. I’ve never read a eulogy disguised as a call to arms before, but that’s what I’ve read here. This is Trizer D. Mansueto. He is a Cebuano historian who earned the title from Siliman University. The man actually has his own wikipedia entry. For those who are interested in knowing more about, here’s the link:

Getting to know this man should set the context for what this post is all about, and its about what this man wrote for the Philippine Daily Inquirer (an organization I’ve always been wary of).

In Preserving Cebuano and other languages, an article written right when language activism is steadily becoming the vogue, Trizer Mansueto bemoaned the the state of the non-Tagalog languages. He wrote of the usual statistics, the depressing trend afflicting the state of multilingualism and multiculturalism in the Philippines, and the bitter place every language activist holds in his heart for Manuel L. Quezon, the man who created the Nationalist Idea that is Modern Filipino and made Tagalog our virtual king. To understand the depth of Quezon’s wound on the souls of our cultures we would only need to look to our own brothers and sisters and see them abandon what is ours for the sake of what is Quezon’s. I write of the traitors, the men and women who leave their homes, go to Manila, train their accents out of their Tagalog, and destroy the homes that bore them. These are the men and women of the NCAA, the KWF, and ever other body created not to patronize culture, but to create hegemony.

All hegemony is evil and oppressive.

Trizer is one of this evil’s victims, a perfect example of how being bombarded with the Nationalist agenda could douse your fire and steal your spirit. Trizer just wrote the squeal of the powerless, a warcry with little to no inspiration left to keep on fighting the good fight. If this man represents his culture, then it’s no wonder that what passion Cebu used to have for its own identity distinct from Manila just moved to Iloilo.

I want to be wrong about it though. I want someone to prove what I said wrong and all that Trizer represents is a minority, a small minority of people who gave up.

A government that created and sustained a National Language policy and threw all of its support behind something like a National Language Month will never recognize, let alone admit, the importance of all the other local languages–I want there to be a good number who understand this and not merely lament it like Trizer did.

Trizer allowed the Nationalist Agenda down his throat and let it make a sock puppet out of him.

He must be the last.


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