Faerie Girl: dancing on a candle

Faerie Girl
dancing on a candle

Lit cigarette
tracing smiles
in open air:
rhyme of firebugs
wishes on stone.

Bright, pulsing, embers
in the dark,
these lights
and fill the night.

Like this pen, searching for
on empty pages.

For fire seeks fire and
I give way;
the matchstick trembles and
I sway
at the edge with the
that call me
cold air
that beckons.

I listen, I jump, I
the deep, still lake.


6 thoughts on “Faerie Girl: dancing on a candle

  1. I was picturing a solitary ember of light, breaking off from a cigarette and reaching for an open flame, but falling by the wayside and extinguishing in the dark.

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