I grew up making mixtapes  So, imagine this, some punk kid still in highschool poking around with a boombox and staying up all night recording what songs he could from the radio. lol. I had to time it just right and more often than not, NU107 only got the good music out after 10, not too sure though cos it was a long time ago. Now, when I finally got my own cd player off an aunt of mine (it’s a pattern you’ll notice the better you get to know me: me waiting for handouts before i get to enjoy any luxuries in life). In a way, it was all so very primitive. While everyone else already had MP3 players by then I was still living off of the 80s lifestyle, pirating content off radio waves rather than Napster, Kazaaa, and Limewire. It had its appeal, to think that I unwittingly developed a connection with the malcontents of the 80s while stuck in the year 2003. And nothing could quite compare to having a tape in your hands, winding it up with a pencil, hoping you cued it just right. Sometimes I feel I was born in the wrong era, or that I achieved awareness much to late in life. I was born in 1989. I could have already been listening to Echo and the Bunnymen at the age of 2, but I was a little too stupid then to understand what I was missing out on. Which, of course, brings us back to mixtapes. Right now, I doubt whether anyone could ever relive the experience of making a mixtape. There were rules, dos and don’ts, it as an art of its own, poetry within poetry: yours within others; for all intents and purposes, a mixtape is a love letter you make out of other people’s poetry and the songs you choose are the feelings you want someone else to understand. See, mixtaping is the way of the awkward goof with little to no social graces. A mixtape was how you told someone what you felt about them and how you would like to ask them out, but still expressing how you don’t know how to ask them out, without actually talking to them in person. You just drop the cheap looking plastic in their Jansport, purse, or whatever and cross your fingers  Now, I don’t know. Would a mixtape still be an honest way to tell someone how you feel, or is it cowardly? Would that someone else even have a tape deck lying around to play your music on? Again, I wouldn’t know, not until I’ve tried it. Would I try it? Hide a mixtape with my heart and soul in it in some beautiful girl’s bag and hope she finds it and not laugh? Maybe 🙂


18 thoughts on “Mixtapes

  1. cool 🙂 what’d you do there? lol, i open my fb account every day, but i just skim people’s post and stuff, i made the mixtape for my first crush sang high school, haha 🙂

    • Whoah. Ok, so I really am not alone. I went there cos of my Job. DENR region 6 wanted me trained for a week in establishing a bamboo related social enterprise. Heard you went to CPU. Why not San Ag? (is biased cos he’s in San Ag)

  2. didn’t know our government invests in their employees, hehe, cpu – because it was an impulsive decision, i wanted to study law in three years pa, so i wasn’t sure where to study, my parents insisted in taking the final entrance exam for cpu and i eventually enrolled nalang, but am not really sure if i’ll finish my study in cpu, lol

  3. how bout Bernas? lol, our exams really depend on the prerogative of the prof. like, wala kami any exam sa persons and family relations but may long quiz kami every meeting, i guess our exam system is okay, the fact that most of our professors give us a quiz every meeting compensates the pre-lim thing

    • Hmmm. And it keeps you on your toes. Keeps most things fresh. That’s cool. Why you up so late anyway? And you guys read Bernas? cool. We don’t have Bernas.

  4. i always sleep late on fridays, because my classes later are loose or something like that, lol, Bernas is cool kay he was there sa drafting sang 1987 consti, and he includes minutes of the conversations between the commissioners and the president during the process

  5. sa rex bookstore, if am not mistaken he’s a jesuit priest, but his views are pretty much objective, esp. his explanations, no personal allegories, lol, logging out now 🙂 tc

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